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What are Butterfly Locs? Different Types of Butterfly Locs for Your Hair

Butterfly locs is a trendy hairstyle that is largely worn by fashion enthusiasts for showing a vibrant and aggressive outlook and to create a mischievous and unique personality.
There are different types of butterfly locs including distressed, goddess, faux, bohemian, jaw length and shoulder length butterfly locs. For cleaning purposes, you may dip your butterfly locs in water, but do it only after removing it from your hair. It is important to do butterfly locs gradually and thoroughly to avoid any damage to your natural hair.

Types of Butterfly Locs

Some of the most popular types of butterfly locs are given in the following for your better understanding:

Bohemian Distressed Locs

The distressed locs  are also known as messy locs that can be designed with a mix of different textured braiding hair to deliver you a distressed look. They are designed in a way to last for upto 3 months if properly taken care of. You can use different kinds of hair for these messy locs such as water wave hair, Marley hair or spring twists, etc.

Faux Locs

These locs are manufactured to mimic the natural dreadlocks. They are impressively designed to provide freedom to you and enjoy a beautiful hairstyle which is rich in both culture and history. The duration these locs last is not fixed but with absolute care, they go around for 2 to 3 months at best. The price of faux locs depends completely on the size, length, method and type of hair.

Soft Locs

The soft locs are designed to be soft in texture and appearance. They are made using a mixture of different textured hair such as with knot, no knot or knotless method.

Goddess Locs

These locs can be compared to faux locs but there is a major difference between them such as goddess locs having curly hair which is not much required in faux locs. While the curly hair bits are quite some addition to the goddess locs at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions for Butterfly Locs Hairstyle

Do They Put Butterfly Braid In Hot Water?

No, it is not necessary to put your butterfly locs in the hot water, when you wrap them with your hair it gets tightly fixed on their own.

How To Style Butterfly Locs?

Butterfly locs are styled by wrapping around the natural hair and making loops, followed by sealing the ends with the help of your index finger.

What Hair To Use For Butterfly Locs?

You can use both natural hair and artificial crochet hair to make butterfly locs, but Ubuy suggests crochet hair to avoid any damage to your natural hair.

Can Kinky Be Used For Butterfly Locs?

Yes, kinky can be used for butterfly locs if you want to have a distressed look with soft locs.

What Weave Do You Use For Butterfly Locs?

Generally, twisted hair weave is used for butterfly locs but you may also use a curly weave.

What Is The Difference Between Soft Locs And Butterfly Locs?

The difference is just their textures, soft locs are very smooth and spongy whereas butterfly locs are harder and slightly rough textures.

What Is The Difference Between Butterfly Locs And Dreadlocks?

Butterfly locs is a fancy hairstyle, while dreadlocks hair is an African tribe’s cultural and religious symbol.

How Long Can You Keep Butterfly Locs In Your Hair?

You can keep the butterfly locs hairstyle for 4 - 5 weeks and you have to remove it afterward.

Are Butterfly Locs Hard To Maintain?

Yes, butterfly locs can be hard to maintain if you are a beginner. It requires proper care and needs to be rearranged to ensure hygiene.

Can You Shower With Butterfly Locs?

No, it is not recommended to shower with butterfly locs instead, you should remove butterfly locs and then take a shower.

How To Use Butterfly Locs On Short Hair?

For short hair, use a rubber band to lock your hair while wrapping and sealing your hair at shoulder length.